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    louis vuitton at yorkdale " Baidu and go, parity is a vertical search site , Baidu is the largest search market share site, they will find ways to join forces to suppress the flow of Ctrip , if not this, Ctrip will grow faster ." If it is not convenient to access the Internet or are not familiar with this group, the future can also come to the store on-site consultation ." He believes that with continued capital support compared to other competitors , Ctrip founder James Liang after reunification, has gradually in the mobile Internet to find direction.

    Come on Baidu say , where to go to get rid of if you can sell a good thing , but also a perfect deal, not only can do the next Ctrip commission income , business income platform can also be charged . louis vuitton watches s A spokesman for Standard Chartered said the bank is exploring " strategic opportunities ," but she did not comment further.in addition to vulnerabilities discovered a small number of people to do the test download and have all deleted , there is no malicious download the data occurs, the user is still trading at Ctrip is safe , user information security was not affected after the incident, each with Ctrip big banks have made contact , verified , the user is also no credit card stolen brushes appear ." " technician to troubleshoot the system in doubt, leave temporary logs deleted inadvertently not timely "and cause " security vulnerability " is undoubtedly highlights the Ctrip at two levels ," technical "and" management " risks.Meanwhile , Ctrip will invite internationally renowned information security certification body , to jointly protect the security of personal information of users.Needless to say, online travel is one of the most active areas O2O is O2O earliest usage scenarios .

    According to the report of the clouds , the vulnerability leaked information includes the users name , identity card number , bank card number and type of card CVV code ( ie, card number, expiration date and service code generation three constraints or 4 digits ) , 6 card BIN ( with paid in six figures ) .1 , the terminal shall store all kinds of accepting bank card track information , card verification code , personal identification code, the card is valid and other sensitive account information.Last night, a message on the microblogging letter was crazy turn : "Dear registered Ctrip , Ctrip had to pay with a credit card , and quickly turn off the credit card online payment now , a major event .The gross profit margin for the majority of listed companies decreased , an increase in the cost of slower business sales rose . louis vuitton ma 01760 Baidu and Ctrip stakeholders are on the "Daily Economic News" reporter , said the news did not know.

    But , on the other hand is not optimistic , after the company fiscal year 2013 NON-GAAP adjusted net loss of 117.3 percent of total online travel vacation market turnover of more than 2 to 7 rank sum of Internet companies . fakelouis vuitton watches " Luzhen Wang believes that the online travel sites, search engine traffic tremendous value , "With the backing of Baidu , either traffic or money, Ctrip overseas travel , leisure and tourism and other fields have more room to grow .The aforementioned investment bankers said that in 2011 , after holding go, Baidu online travel market is seeking to gain greater control over the industry leader that won OTA Ctrip .


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